Friday, March 15, 2013

Body Back is BACK!!!!!

Are you ready to get stronger, more confident, and excited about Summer?
Join us for the next session of Body Back.  

Get Ready for Summer
 Session Details:

Begins April  8, 2013
at Ruston Dance Academy

Two Session Options:

  • 5:15am M/W with Maryanne
  • 8:30am M/W with Laurie *childcare provided

Each session includes:

  • Goal setting
  •  2 High intensity workouts per week
  •  Online support
  •  Meal Plan
  •  Grocery lists
  •  Recipes
  •  Mama Wants DVDs
  •  Inspirational component
  •  Before and after assessments
  •  Everything you need to make a lifestyle change that will stick!


  • New Clients: $249.00 (Includes 2 Food Journals and Meal Plans        and 2 DVDs)
  • 2nd Session Clients:  $225 (Includes additional Food Journals and DVDs)
  • 3rd + Session Clients: $199.00 for 8 weeks of workouts and assessments.  

Body Back FAQs

What is Body Back®?
Body Back is a results based workout program that is for Mom's Only. Whether you just had a baby or had one twenty years ago, this workout will help you get your body back! 
What is the format?
The workout is a high-intensity, interval-based, total body workout. The Body Back program is a 2-month session that includes fitness assessments, food journal and diary, individualized goal setting, weekly weigh-in's, online support and two workouts per week.
Can I bring my kids?
Childcare is provided by an experienced sitter for $2 extra per class, per child.
Do I need to be in shape? I am not a runner.
You do not need to be in shape to do Body Back. We will build you up from your personal starting point...and you don't have to be a runner! However, you do need to be free from injuries or ailments which would prevent you from training at a high intensity.
What does the diet program consist of?
It's not a diet per se but rather a meal plan. It's based on the Mama Wants Her Body Back® program. You will get food choices that include Recipes, Grab and Go and Restaurant eating. You pick and choose based on your lifestyle. To get the best results, you do want to commit to the meal plan.
What kind of results can I expect?
If you commit 100% to the workout and meal plan, you can expect amazing results. Not only do we see pounds and inches melt away; we see dramatic increases in strength, posture and endurance!
Who can I contact for more info?
Maryanne at 318 243 7727
"like" us to stay up-to-date at

Friday, April 13, 2012

Perfect is a four-letter word

This has been circulating around facebook this week and I can really relate to it:
Your Children Want YOU

While I totally get the pinterest addiction and desire to host perfect theme birthday parties I can definitely see how it can take moms away from what really matters.

A related theme that we talk about in my Body Back classes frequently is the importance of mom taking care of herself in order to be a better, happier, healthier mom.

I read this on another blog this morning and it totally resonated with me:

Killing yourself slowly is not what your kids need or want from you.  Your children will not get together at Christmas in 30 years and say, “It was totally worth it to have to bury mom so young.  At least she got us to karate, ballet, T-ball, and piano lessons all on the same day while still keeping the kitchen immaculate and doing the laundry.  If that laundry would have piled up we never would have forgiven her!”  Again, how did such things get on your to-do list ahead of “be here for my kids as long as possible”?  The other point we need to address here is the example we set for our kids when it comes to how we take care of our bodies.  If you prioritize nutrition and fitness, your children will likely grow into adults that will prioritize nutrition and fitness.  What would be different in your life right now if nutrition and fitness had always been a priority for you?  All of the health benefits aside, I guarantee you would at least be able to scratch a couple of insecurities off your list.  This is the kind of life I’m asking you to show your kids how to live.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Friday, December 16, 2011


The logo of Body Back contains a butterfly to symbolize the beautiful transition moms make during the class. Register for our 2012 classes to work on your own transformation!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Body Back Spring 2012

Are you ready to get your Body Back in 2012?

This year, make New Year's Resolutions you can actually keep with the accountability of a group, the help of a coach, and the amazing tools Body Back has to offer.

Start your New Year off right by committing to be healthy and fit! Take some time for you next year. Body Back is a program that is effective, empowering and encouraging. It is a safe place to discover the best self that you can be. Reserve your spot today by emailing Maryanne at or calling 318-243-7727.

Announcing our next sessions of Body Back Ruston!

Session 1: Mon/Wed 5-6 AM

Session 2: Tue/Thu 9-10 AM

Both sessions begin January 9, 2012 and last 8 weeks.

Each session includes:
* Goal setting
* 2 High intensity workouts per week
* Online support
* 8 weeks of Meal Plans
* Grocery lists
* Recipes
*Mama Wants DVDs
* Inspirational component
* Before and after assessments
* Everything you need to make a lifestyle change that will stick!

New Client: $249.00
(Includes Food Journals 1 and 2, Mama Wants Her Body Back DVD, and Mama Wants Advanced DVD)

2nd Session Client: $199
(Includes Food Journal 3 and Mama Wants Her Booty Back DVD)

3rd + Session Client: $175

Each session is limited to 10 participants.
Contact Maryanne at to reserve your spot with a $100 deposit.